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What Chinese Say about Liu's Nobel Peace Prize (2)

16 October 2010

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I’ve told you guys long ago Liu would get the prize, because, he and X and Shi-min Fang are the three chess pieces in the West's chess game against China.



Have you noticed how excited they are, the Europeans, the Americans, the Taiwan government and the Japanese. If it would do any good for China, do you think they would ever be so happy?



You've got the point. Why on the issue of Diaoyu Islands, Ma’s Taiwan administration dared not say a word?

到问题的实质了.为何在钓鱼岛问题上, 台湾连个屁都不敢放?


Our enemies now have fewer cards at hand, seemingly, which is why they can only use this pathetic man to insult us.



The more Chinese government takes this matter seriously, the more thrilled the West; on the other hand, the less Chinese government pays attention to it, the more the West feels lost. When will CCP ever be smarter?



If CCP is not smart enough, China would be broken up into bits and pieces by the Foreign Powers ages ago. My view, let’s see who will be the one who laughs last.



At this stage, I don’t think any political force can manage China better that Chinese Communist Party … … The politicians in the West know this well, which is why they view CCP as the biggest obstacle to maximise their interest at the cost of Chinese people in China.

现阶段中国,我不认为有任何一个政党能比共产党做的更好…… 西方政客都知道,这就是为什么中共在他们眼中是威胁.


It’s okay to oppose the government, but you must not harm national interest by helping foreign forces to invade your own country and enslave your own people. During the resistance war against Japan, anybody who promoted and assisted Japanese occupation of China was regarded as criminal of high treason. This is the most fundamental moral principle.



In his speech I Have No Enemy - My Last Words, he made prior to his sentencing, Liu claimed “respecting human rights has already become the fundamental principle of Chinese Law," and praised Beijing prison for providing the inmates with a positive and caring living environment.

However, his statement that “I have no enemy” can't be true though. Since he advocates China to be under the rule of foreign powers, he has denies the fundamental human rights of Chinese people, therefore he's got 1.3 billion enemies.




It's strange that nobody mentioned Liu Xiaobo received payment from America's Endowment Foundation at about $50k per year. In the West, if a political activist is exposed to be a recipient of foreign fund, his political life will be finished right away. What happened to a former Aussie Defence Minister is a telling example.

好像没人提刘每年接受美国民主基金会的赞助(around$50K); 在西方, 你如果搞政治,同时接受外国赞助. 如果发现, 明天你就完了! 澳洲前国防部长就这样挂了!


To become a hero or a traitor is now up to Liu Xiaobo.

1, By rejecting the Nobel Peace Prize, Liu could go down in history as a hero.

2, By Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, well, he's definitely a traitor. What's good and what's bad for China is for Chinese people not foreigners to decide.


1.拒绝这个诺贝尔和平奖, 他刘晓波必将是一个民族英雄!

2.接受这个所谓的Nobel Peace Prize, 呵呵, 取利还是取义?公道自在人心, 你刘晓波看着办吧, 咱也没多大兴趣同你耗时间了.


I went to but wasn't able to leave a comment other than praising the decision made by the committee. I only wrote "Liu Xiaobo, you've become a tool of the West," but they just didn't let me post it. Those Norwegian guys don't seem to believe in free speech and democracy.

只看到一片吹捧声,于是我想登点反面声音。我只写了一句:”刘小泼,你成为西方的工具“。 等到现在也没被登出来。

[1] [2]

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More quotes by Liu Xiaobo:

If you consider to joining military service, you should only consider to join U.S. army.


It's great for the West to burn Chinese garden Yuanmin Yuan.


If Chinese government is smart enough and Han people are generous enough, they should invite Dalai Lama to be China's president.


We should eradicate traditional Chinese culture and replace it with Western Culture.


China needs to "import a foreign Prime Minister", needs to "change the racial disposition", and "should be broken up".


It is necessary to develop armed forces among the mass independent from the government.


Hitler is the man I admire most.


Nobody died on the Tiananmen Square during the June 4 Incident.


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