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China's Wild West
Gansu Province

13 September 2009

A group of tourists travel in the Roaring Sand Hill (鸣沙山), near the Dunhuang Grotto by camels. It is reported by the local Gansu tourist authority that they received about 4000 visitors a day since autumn.


A bustling scene around the Crescent Fountain (月牙泉) at the foot of the Roaring Sand Hill on August 29, 2009.

(Source of info/photo: 聂建江 - 聂新华社)


An artist studies Dunhuang cave art while trading Dunhuang-style artworks in his store

Unlike most cities in China's relatively conservative western region, Dunhuang is a sleepless modern metropolitan in the middle of the desert, with a large proportion of the residents and visitors being artists and scholars. Many shops, in particular book stores and art galleries which are the most popular business venues in the town, only open their doors to the public after lunch (what a life), with the busiest hours being late evening between 8pm and 12am.

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China's Wild West

The landscape of a wild, dry, rocky and colourful terrain at Red Glow Geologic Park (丹霞地质公园) in Zhangye (张掖), Gansu Province (甘肃), near Dunhuang Grotto on the ancient caravan route, the Silk Road.

(Source of info/photo: 韩传号 - 新华社)

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