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Wild Man Reappeared

13 September 2009

A clip from the first film on "wildman", mysterious human-like creatures believed to be hidden deep in primordial forest Shennongjia (神农架) in China's Hubei Province (湖北).

Over the decades, a number of groups of "wildman" hunters, including state-sponsored researchers and self-funded amateurs, relentlessly chased after the footprints and hairs allegedly left by the wild hermits but never actually sighted a mythical recluse in question, not until 18 November 2007.

The brief encounter on the day occurred in the remote northern side of the Mt Old Man (老君山) along the shore of the Inner Branch River (里叉河) when a four-wheel vehicle turned the corner of a mountain road. The four tourists, two men and two women, in the four-wheel spotted two dark skinned creatures, one male and one female, both tall and masculine, standing behind a shrub watching the vehicle. However, as soon as the eyesights of the two groups crossed, the pair on the ground immediately jumped up and ran into the think woods, leaving behind their giant footprints and a few fruits they just collected for the pairs from the vehicle to gaze in awe.

A formal investigation was reportedly launched, but so far no confirmation made regarding whether the naked hairy pair were wild animals looked like human beings or human beings looked like wild animals?

(Source of info/photo: 罗永久 罗永斌 - 北京晨报)

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