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Tibetan Jar of Death

5 September 2009

A girl's remain marinated with salt in a jar discovered after Tibet liberation in 1949 from the home of a member of Tibetan ruling class headed by Dalai Lama.


The following is the content of a letter currently kept in Tibetan Museum for public viewing, which was initially sent from 14th Dalai Lama's Kashag government to the head of the Langzisha Prison:

The Chief,

For propitiating the Goddess, we need you to prepare following items:

4 newly cut human heads, 10 fresh human intestines, clean human blood, contaminated human blood, soil on ruin site, widow's menstrual blood, blood from leprosy patients, flesh from human and various animals, hearts from human and various animals, blood from various animals, yin-yang water, earth in windy spot, thorn grown in shady site, waste from dogs and human, as well as butcher's boots. The above items must be forward forth tomorrow.

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Dalai Lama's Shit of Comfort - Literally

Some media folks in Taiwan sound rather bitter over Dalai Lama's "comforting" trip to the island, for his holiness donated not one cent to help the typhoon victims to rebuild their homes, but collected high appearance fees for attending comforting rituals and cost the local dearly to ensure his personal safety and comfort, which includes 700,000 Taiwan yuans on arranging a special VIP train carriage for Dalai and his entourage.

But the accusation doesn't seem to be fair. Not entirely. According to reliable sources, Dalai Lama did have offered "honeydew" (甘露) pills to some of the victims for free.

The honeydew pills are so precious and powerful that are claimed by lamas to be magic elixir that can help anybody in whatever condition to rebuild his/her physical and mental strength.

However, the pills in question are not really made of honey and dew, but ... well, the following is the specification of the product revealed by a Lama master in his book:

The "holy bottle" of Tibetan Lamaism always contains five types of meat and five scented honeydew.

The five types of meat are as follows: 1) Elephant meat; 2) Horse meat; 3) Human flesh; 4) Pork meat; 5) Dog meat.

The ingredients of the honeydew are as follows: 1) Big Scent (大香) - high rank lama's manure and cerumen; 2) Small Scent - high rank lama's urine; 3) Human Brain - extracted from the corpse of high rank lamas; 4) Red Buddhi - girl's first menstruation or the ovum of a woman who has sexual intercourse with lamas; 5) White Buddhi - the sperm of high rank lamas.

Those with privilege to taste a honeydew, please feel honoured and enjoy yourself!


-- 页678~679, 曲肱斋全集(一), 陈健民上师著,徐芹庭编,普贤王如来佛教会 1991.7.10. 出版精装本

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