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Heritage Buildings Ascended to Mt Phoenix

16 September 2009

A group of heritage residential buildings in the area that would be submerged underwater have been resettled on a higher ground in Mt Phoenix (秭归县凤凰山) prior to the impoundment of the reservoir of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River (长江三峡大坝)

A typical inner garden of the heritage residence at Mt Phoenix, which serves as the central space for daily activities, the source of natural lighting and ventilation, a linkage between the different parts in the building and a place to observe, experience and communicate with the natural elements.

A typical interior space of the heritage residence at Mt Phoenix, which has rooms within a room, allowing the spaces to be visually integrated but physically divided. It is one of the methods employed by the traditional Chinese architecture to help the members of a multi-generational family to remain connected while minimizing interruptions from each other.

(Source of info/photos: 皮曙初 - 新华社)

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