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Shanghai 1949

21 September 2009

60 Years ago, under the rule of a pro-West and pro-big business government led by the Nationalist Party with its top leadership being America-educated Christians, Shanghai was divided by Japan and seven Western nations as their colonies with the local Chinese to be treated as the second-class citizens in their own country. In May 1949, the People's Liberation Army decided to liberate the biggest city of China.

Early in 1949, the cargos with assets collected from Shanghai and the surrounding ares waiting to be shipped to Taiwan.

Taiwan's so-called economic miracle is based on two foundations: the great number of assets taken from the mainland and the rewards from the Western Powers for helping them on their open and covert wars against China.

May 23, 1949, the military campaign to liberate Shanghai formally began.

The PLA troops mounted street battles in Moon Bank (月浦) where they encountered the fiercest resistance from the Nationalist Armies.

24 May, the PLA stormed the last Nationalist military holdout at the headquarters post office in Sichuan Road.

The troops entered the Shanghai CBD in the mid-night and slept on the street quietly. The locals only realised the city was now under the control of the PLA when they opened their doors in the morning of May 25.

The PLA officers and soldiers eat dry buns they brought with them and decline to accept any offers from the local people.

July 6, 1949, a million people in Shanghai held a street party to celebrate the liberation of the city by the PLA.

A Shanghai girl places a follower on the gun of a PLA soldier.

Shanghai youth cheer at the troops: "Long Live the PLA!"

A PLA soldier guards the Waitan Bridge

A military vehicle with the portrait of Chairman Mao and General Command Zhu broadcasts the new policies on the streets.

A year later, a military aircraft from Taiwan was brought down by the PLA in Pudong.

The criminals who committed high treasons were sent to meet their fate, as they deserved.

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Dabieshan (大别山), Mt Great Departure
The Cradle of the PLA (Red Army 红军)

The PLA troops cross Huai River (淮河) at the foot of Mt Dabieshan in 1947 on their way to ultimately liberate China from the status of 300-years of slavery and semi-colonialism

A village house at the foot of Mt Dabieshan that once served as a headquarter of the PLA

A city at the foot of Mt Dabieshan today

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