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Phoenix Returns to Her Old Nest
- the Capital of China

15 September 2009


Traditional Chinese culture views yin and yang as a pair of the fundamental forces in the universe that compliment each other, with phoenix representing the ultimate female strength and dragon symbolising the supreme male power.

After centuries of slip backwards into a semi-primitive society under Manchurians, and decades of disintegration into a semi-colonial country of the West, China eventually reborn in 1949 from the ashes like a reincarnated phoenix.

60 years on, the phoenix has fully grown up and on September 9, 2009, the day when millions in China commemorated the death anniversary of the founding father of the New China, Chairman Mao Zedong, Beijing resident Mr Xu in Haidian District, where China's best universities, the science academies and royal gardens congregated, spotted a cloud in a shape resembling a mythical national symbol and captured the image with his digital camera.

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