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Chinese Immortals Reappear in the World

28 September 2009


During the deadly earthquake last year, an ancient city wall in ancient Fishing Town (钓鱼市) in Chongqing (重庆) was damaged by cracks. After several heavy rains this summer, the cracks expanded further, so the city authorise hired stone masters to repair the damage. When the masters tried to clean up the damaged section, they discovered two human figures in ancient Han costume sitting in a cavity within the thick wall. It is confirmed later by experts that the stone sculptures are tribute to Daoist immortals and date back to the Mind Dynasty 400 years ago.

According to historical records, the city wall was built during the Qing Dynasty under an alien rule of Manchurians, who worshiped demons of Tibetan Lamaism and suppressed the native Chinese faith of Daoism which by essence is compatible with and complementary to Mahayana Buddhism of Han tradition.

(Source of info/photo:

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China Blessing

About a week ago, Mr Xie living at Fengtai District in Beijing noticed some unusual marks displayed on the head of his pet fish, which resembles a Chinese character 福 for blessing.

It is not uncommon for Luohan Fish to show tattoo-like figures on its body, but it is certainly quite extraordinary, at least from Mr Xie's point of view, for an illiterate fish to present its best wishes in such a cultured manner.

(Source of info/photo: CFP)

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