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History Is A Collective Memory
That Cannot be Amended by Few

19 September 2009

Japanese troops bury Chinese civilians alive during the WWII

On September 18, 1931, Japanese Army Invaded China and, with the help of Manchurians, established Manchuguo Kingdom in China's northeast provinces.

Yesterday on the 78th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of China, sirens wailed in a number of Chinese cities to refresh the collective memory and to reflect the challenging reality.

This residence in Mt Taihangshan (太行山), Shanxi Province, once served as a headquarter of the Eighth Route Army (八路军, a main resistance force against Japanese invasion) led by Chinese Communist Party, the current ruling party in the mainland China.

The Nationalist Army led by China's Nationalist Party, the current ruling party in Taiwan province, was also a main force in the war of resistance against Japanese invasion.

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