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A Diamond Jubilee

24 September 2009

In Chinese tradition, each 60-year forms a basic unit in cosmic cycle which is measured by Chinese with ten Heavenly Terms and twelve Earthly Branches.

September 21, 2009, in the leading up to 60-year birthday celebration of People's Republic of China, in Human Martyr Park, thousands of red lanterns have fashioned into a mini Gate of Celestial Peace (Tiananmen).

September 22, 2009, Chinese farmer Wang Guanghua (王光华) and his family at Great New Village in Shandong Province spread good news about New China's Diamond Jubilee on the ground by forming the image of the national flag with their newly harvested 500kg of red chillis and 600 corn cobs.

According to the figures released by China's Bureau of Statistics on September 7, 2009, the crop productivity in China increased by 3.7-fold comparing to that in 1949, and reached 526 million tons annually.

In 1949, the average net income for rural population was 44 yuan per person, in 2008, it jumped to 4,761 p.p..

(Source of info/photo:, CFP)

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The Eternal Landmark of Shanghai World Expo 2010

Shanghai World Expo in construction


A World of Yin-Yang Balance

易经11卦: 地天泰

Its configuration of red vs white and square vs round reflects the essence of the eleventh hexagraph in I Ching: Heaven below on its way of ascending while earth above on its way of descending - during the process the two forces meet and integrate with each other, which is a route for the world to progress from chaos to order, from conflict to harmony and from division to unity.


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