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Chinese Peasants Are to Save the World from Starvation

27 September 2009

In the past 60 years, the total population in China has increased by 2.46 times, while crop production has grown by 370 percent. As the result, in a world that has a population of nearly 6.6 million with more than 19 million died of starvation this year along, China has kept all its people fed while requiring no importation of the food from other countries.

It is reported that of 19 major crops consumed by the majority of the populations in the world, 12 are mainly produced by Chinese farmers. According to the figures released in 2004 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Chinese crop production accounted for an estimated 18.20% of the total crop production worldwide, with its meat production accounted for 28.70% of the world total (the United States was the half of it at 14.95%), and fresh fruit and vegetable accounted for 36.62% (the US at 5.01%). Simply put, while the United States maintains its lead in the field of producing weapons of mass destruction, China keeps being the biggest food producer to feed its own people and beyond.

Now this middle kinglessdom is further poised to keep everyone on the planet well fed, in particular the people in poor developing nations.

Since 1979, Chinese Professor Yuan Longping (袁隆平) has worked on hybrid rice with the increased crop production enough to feed extra 70 million people each year. Recently another Chinese crop expert named Shen Tianmin (沈天民) has successfully produced a hybrid wheat in a land of 1370 hectare, with extra 1.5 tons of crops harvested from each hectare, and the total of which would be able to feed further 5 million people.

It is expected that once the super rice and super wheat are introduced worldwide, we may eventually enter an era when no one perishes from starvation.

(Source of photo: 21世纪经济报道)

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A Chinese Peasant Invented Direct Rice Feeder

Rao Taiping (饶太平) is a semi-illiterate Chinese peasant with only a few years of primary school education, but at the age of 75, he is hailed as an ingenious engineer for inventing a revolutionary direct rice feeder.

Unlike conventional feeders, Grandpa Rao's machine is powered by man who can then easily transplant seedlings to the land area more than one hectare per day. The machine is so smart that it can be adjusted to keep a desirable space between rows and lines when planting, and is so flexible which can be operated on a plot of land of any shape and size. And the best of all, it is so cheap. At a price little more than 1000 yuans, any peasant family in China will be able to afford one.

(Source of info/photo: 荆楚网)

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