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Blind Enlightenment

3 September 2009

Tibetans who refused to be part of the militant revolt in late 50s had their eyeballs scooped out by Dalai Lama's Riot Force


Before 1959, aristocrats landlords and Lamaist monasteries in Tibet were free to make their own laws and set up their own courts. The laws under Dalai Lama prescribed that people were divided into nine classes, and the Thirteen Codes further declares "men are classified in hierarchy, therefore men's lives do not have an equal value". It states that the value of the life of a high ranking man equals to gold weighted as heavy as his corpse, but if an aristocrat kills a man in the bottom level of the social order he only needs to offer the victim's family a straw rope. The Article 7 in the Code 16 further affirms that it is considered as a horrendous crime and punishable by hamstring breaking, tongue cutting, eye gouging, hands chopping or immediate execution if persons of lower status revolt against persons of higher status; and that when a lord hurt his servant, the lord should find a doctor for his victim, but when a servant caused the injury of his master, his hands or legs must be chopped off. Those lived in Tibet during the years when Dalai Lama ruled the place can still recall how common it was to spot the locals without hands, arms or legs in Lhasa streets. More from Tibetan Prison Langzisha

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A Table Collapsed

A dignified table refused to be part of a witchcraft ritual

For omen-reading obsessed Tibetan lamas, September 2, 2009, could be marked as the beginning of the end for Dalai Lama and Tibetan Lamaism, as on the day when Dalai was about to comfort victims of the natural disaster in Taiwan in his usual voodoo fashion, the ritual table that was made of plywood boards somehow refused to be the tool of the witchcraft master and collapsed without warning onto the floor.

(Source of info/photo: 重庆晚报)

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