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Black Widows in Action

7 September 2009

Xinjiang in China's northwest is a remote corner of the planet, which is renowned for possessing a landscape that is both spectacular and terrifying. One of the terrors in its environment which poses a grave threat to people living there is a species of poisonous spiders in black colour, known as "Black Widow" .

However, what truly horrifying is the fact that the "Black Widows" apparently have evolved into human forms.

It is widely reported by the eye witnesses that during the July 5 riot in Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province, the murderous Uighur groups were headed by a dozen of Uighur women in long robe and black head scarves while attacking Han people, and these female heads in black were self-identified as "Jihad Sisters".

Now the black sisters of Jihad, commanded by the World Uighur Congress and the East Turkistan abroad, have revealed their true nature as "Black Widow" spiders and attacked people with syringes in Urumqi. What's so sinister is that Black Widows would instigate Uighur kids to carry out the terrorist acts, and while caught they would run to police for protection. The vicious and creepy performance of the Black Widows directly led to the angry demonstrations by Han people in the city.

The latest attack incident occurred on Saturday in which a Uighur man was caught in a bus needle pricking a Han woman and her child on hips.

Earlier a Uighur couple in the city were reported to threat a Han taxi driver with a syringe while attempted to rob. The syringe was later examined and found containing heroin substance.

Of nearly 500 victims of Uighur spiders, 90 percent are Han Chinese.

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What Chinese Say

About the Syringe Attacks by Uighur Terrorists:

What a smart way to impose terror, and there is nothing much you can do about it.

用针扎屁股,即可以造成巨大的社会恐慌,却又不能治什么罪,高明的恐怖人民战争 - 大虫

Well, I have a simple solution here: police step aside and leave the perpetrators in the hands of the victims.

那就交给群众当街解决,打死白打,武警在旁看着就行了。 - armin

With a terrorist attack in such a scale, the organisers behind will not be a small group of people. The urgent task is to identify them.

事件规模之大, 幕后组织也不会小. 抓到嫌犯, 就能揪出组织者. 这应该是当务之急 - J100

It's clearly the crime of anti-social and anti-humanity. These people should be punished most severely.

很明显,反人民,反人类!!治重罪。 - littlston

Let the people beat the perpetrators to death on spot to warn the would-be terrorists.

抓住一个当街棍杀,还要广泛报道。彻底镇压这股邪气!! - 横刀立马

Apply counter-terrorism law will be a good solution, just refer how the United States dealt with those who spread Anthrax virus.

反恐法是适用的,看看美国怎样处理Antrax病菌散布,可做参考。 - 老六路

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