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What Chinese Ate 4,000 Years Ago?

14 September 2009

Ever wonder what would be on the dinner table of a Chinese family in 2000BC? Raw animal meat or wild herbs?

A highway construction company in Hubei Province has the answer.

When a team from the company prepared the ground in May this year for the construction of the road in an area called Crab Field (大冶罗桥街王家庄蟹子地遗址) near the Yangtze River, they accidentally dug out some cultural artifacts, which led to formal archaeological excavations of the site.

Soon a handful of carbonized rice was unearthed, and found to be produced 4,000 years ago. Evidently Han Chinese living along the middle and low reaches of the Yangtze River began to cultivate crops as early as in the period when the West was in the so-called Neolithic Age.

The items also excavated from the site include stone wares, ceramics, bronze wares, porcelains and jade articles.

(Source of info/photos: 凌云, 陈斌 - 楚天金报)

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