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Urumqi Riot In Eyewitness Recall

10 August 2009

The following is the translation of the excerpt of an online post by an Urumqi local resident:

I'm an Urumqi resident with ethnic Han background, now I'm on a business trip in Beijing. After July 5, many people in Urumqi have lots of things to say to the world, but the Internet is down in the region and only by now I have a chance to log online.

What I witnessed on that day makes me unable to sleep at night. I thank you all for your sincerely care and warm compassion.

One of my friends at the time watched through a window in a building on Gold Silver Avenue (金银大道) a dozen Uighur mobs bashing a woman to death in front of her child. After the mobs stripped the woman's dead body naked and threw her into a burning fire, they turned on the panic-stricken child and went on to bash him to death. Since then, my friend keeps retelling this terrible incident to me every day, and said he relived this hellish moment in his dreams every night. He could not understand how a human being could do some thing like this.

I was born and grown up in Xinjiang, and Xinjiang is my homeland. But after the riot, many of my friends, including me, think of moving away from this place. If those in the government reckon that Western media's biased opinion is more important than our lives, and if they only dare to deal with those criminals after Han people's dead bodies displayed in the streets, then where is the basic human right for the majority of people (Han, over 95%) in China?

I participated in the revenge congregation on July 7, and I can tell everyone here, during the incident, Han did have hurt some innocent Uighurs, but only very few, and definitely no Uighur children, women and old people were involved. The leaders of the congregation were the family members of the riot victims. But the military forces took the control of the situation so quick and the crowd was dispersed swiftly [which is in stark contrast to what happened on July 5 when Uighur mobs were allowed to go on their killing spree for a good 6 hours - the local authority dared not to send police force to crackdown the riot for fear of the Western condemnation. How pathetic it is!].

I may just say this much right now because the night is deep and I have to go to bed. I'm just a humble citizen who only wishes to make a bit more money and that's all.

The excerpt of the original Chinese text by the author:







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