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The White Australian:
Break Your Peace
Cover My Ass

13 August 2009

Although once a heaven for convicts, but since the Australian Aboriginals, the original owners of the island, were granted citizenship in their own homeland in 1967 by the White colonists, in the past few decades Australia's image had been white washed to the point that it was even considered as a heaven for tertiary education for overseas students mainly from Asia. But the recent disclosure of Australia's cover up over the death of more than 50 Asian students - most of them from India, China and South Korea, of which 34 deaths were surrounded by suspicious circumstances - and the recent event of Australian media's promotion of terrorists, Chinese begin to call Australia "犯人国" - a Kingdom (without its own king/queen) for Criminal Convicts.

Today the neo-White Australian newspaper The Australian further instigates ethnic cleansing by urging Uighurs to keep fighting in China, which is an action that makes Australia in the eyes of the majority of Chinese as part of the terrorist movement against China's unity and stability as well as their fundamental human rights.

With death toll for Asian students mounting, racially-based bashing incidents occur from time to time, and local media's open promotion of terrorism, Chinese parents are revaluating, rightly, if Australia is a safe destination for the further education of their children.

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I'm the boss, hi, don't look down ... on me! [turn the map upside down?]

When The Australian, the mouthpiece of the White Australians, puts on emperor's new dress and sits on a make-do throne, it feels like perching on the top of the world ... down under

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