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The World's Tallest 人-Shaped Bridge Towers Installed in China
— A Chinese-Style Humanity Is to Bridge the Gulf on the Planet

19 August 2009

The world's tallest 人(stand for human in Chinese)-shaped steel towers for cable bridge were successfully assembled on 15 August 2009 over the Yangtze River in Taizhou (泰州), Jiangsu Province (江苏).

The first China-made Yangtze River bridge (南京长江大桥) appeared in Nanjing 41 years ago. Since then, over the longest river in China that extends 3,000 km from Himalayas to Shanghai, a total of 66 bridges were built.

(Source of info/photo: 中国新闻网)

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Be Humble, but Stand on Principle



On 14 August, a girl was found taking a nap on a water platter blossoming in a Suzhou's wetland park called Lily Pool Under Moonlight.

It seems only those who keeps a low profile and humble attitude can live in harmony with nature and other beings.

(Source of info/photo: 朱桂根 - 新华社)



In Da County of Sichuan Province, a street cleaner is seen to sweep the roads with a rolling broom machine invented by himself.

It proves creativity is within everyone, regardless of his education and position.

(Source of info/photo: 四川新闻网)

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