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White Australia
A Small Nation with Big Ambition

23 August 2009

The following is English translation of the main point of an online post by an unknown author titled The Entire World Is Watching How China Would Respond to Australia's Assault (澳大利亚对中国连出阴招 全世界都在看):

Over the past ten years, around 500,000 commercial bribery cases have been investigated in China, of which 60 percent involving foreign firms or multinational corporations. Previously Chinese authority would prefer to keep the issue on the hush, until the horrendous crime committed by the Rio Gang of Four was uncovered.

Yet Australia government and media would choose to stand by the accused with the crimes punishable even under Australian Law. So now I would like to ask the White Australians one question: Do you still think a White nation, even a White colonial nation with a reprehensible origin and dubious history is superior to an Asian country with 5,000 years of recorded civilisation therefore it has no right to lay charge on your citizen?

The excerpt of the original post in Chinese:


现在中澳双方的冲突已接近最高级,如何收尾,我们不妨试目以待。但澳大利亚的表现却不得不使我们思考一个问题:澳大利亚和中国国力根本不在一个档次,更兼是在理亏的情况下, 却仍然敢于向中国叫板,表现出了与其国力不相称的强硬。何以故?

The full text in China can ve biewed from the following links:

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A Bush Monster

Don't be fooled by its appearance. It's not a withered leaf, but an small insect found in a balcony of a Chinese building block

The Chinese: Are you new species migrated from Australian bush?

The Insect: Nope, I'm a Chinese migrated to Australian mining site then return to China's urban area to work.

The Chinese: Why you look so weird?

The Insect: Because I'm a secret agent ...

The Chinese: OMG, you are Stern Hu? What a monster you have become!

The Insect: Hush hush hush, keep quiet .... Here is my little present for you: gold, cash, share, bound, notebook, M4 player, chocolate, ice cream .... and a basketball!

(Source of info/photo: ericlovesure,
content/16/ 635844.shtml

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