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The West's Resource War Against China

25 August 2009

The following is English translation of the main point of an online post by 关飞 titled China's Repeated Defeat In Natural Resource War (争夺国际矿产,中国屡败屡战):

Recently there are many accusations about how China is seizing so many natural resources in the world. It's a bit like a bachelor accuses a big family of purchasing more rice than he does. In fact, the big family just begins to shopping for rice, while the bachelor has already stored more rice in his garage during decades of bargain buy and centuries of robbing and stealing [when he was a pirate in his gunboat]. As for why the big family should buy rice from shops instead of producing it in its backyard, one interesting fact is that since 1999, the United States has stopped mining zinc on its own land all together but in other countries, like Vietnam.

The Rio spy case is just the tip of a huge iceberg created by the West in their resource war against China. When China-born Stern Hu was caught hot-handed in stealing sensitive information from China for his Australian master, the negotiations over the oar price between China and Australia were just going on. It is a shocking revelation to many Chinese that, through Chinese traitors like Stern Hu, the West has successfully turned their resource war with China into an internal fighting between Chinese.

The excerpt of the post in original text:

近期不断有外媒指责中国“在全球抢资源”, 这是个伪命题, 就像是个单身汉在指责四世同堂而居的邻居“你们家大米买太多了吧”一样苍白无力。美日韩等国的战略资源储备制度均早于中国。

胡士泰是与中国钢铁协会进行矿石价格谈判的澳大利亚力拓公司上海首席代表。外交部发言人秦刚证实, 胡士泰等人是因“涉嫌为境外刺探、窃取中国的国家机密, 危害中国的经济利益和经济安全”被捕的。而此时, 中钢协正在与三大矿业巨头(澳洲力拓、必和必拓,巴西淡水河谷)讨价还价, “间谍门”又给国人上了生动的一课: 西方国家一边高喊自由经济, 一边在你枕头边安插007, 所谓自由,就是你听我的“自由摆布”。

被捕的胡士泰本是北京人, 在中国钢铁行业人脉极广, 极有可能是想打探中钢协的谈判底线与筹码。与胡士泰同期被查的还有首钢负责矿石进口业务的谭以新。值得注意的是, 被捕的4名力拓员工中, 除了胡士泰是澳籍华人, 其他都是中国籍。外资矿山与中国钢企的较量, 俨然被转化为了国人与国人的较量, 这就是资本的骇人魔力。

囤矿涨价当为“明枪”, 安插间谍可算“暗箭”, 明枪与暗箭齐发, 三大矿山之商战招式可谓见血封喉。

The full text in Chinese can be view from the following link:

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