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Rebiya Kadeer's Relatives

6 August 2009

Speak Against Her Terrorist Act

The following is the English translation of the main points of the video conversation:

As a mother, Rebiya Kadeer has not left much dear memories to her eldest son. When he recalled how Rebiya Kadeer abandoned him and his other five younger siblings by divorcing his father, the rims of his eyes were rather red. At the time he was only 13; for looking after his brothers and sisters, he spent 10 years to finish his primary school study.

The eldest son of Rebiya:

My home is in Shanxi Lane. Looking down the street from 12th floor, I saw the mobs running from South Gate towards the Shanxi Lane, and along the way they smash shops, burn police vehicles and buses, and assault innocent people in the street. I believe anyone in Xinjiang wouldn't want to see such things to happen. This is a violent event.

Since Mom warned my uncle about the riot before it actually happened, we have a good reason to think she must be in the background of the drama. Having witnessed such an extremely violent incident, I felt I have to discuss with some of my relatives about writing a letter to the victims' families.

We learned from the media that a large number of innocent lives were lost in the riot, and people must think we, Rebiya Kadeer's children living in Urumqi, had something to do with the crime.

Which is why we posted open letters. We want to tell the public that we did not participate in the riot; we want to express our sympathy for the victims; and we want to urge people in Xinjiang from whatever ethnic background not to believe Rebiya Kadeer's lies.

She is our mother, and we don't really want to speak evil of her, but hope she can stop doing bad things. We are her children, and we wish she can listen to us, and contribute something positive to the development of Xinjiang.

We now live a good life, and get on well with Han and people with other ethnic background. When Mom called us from America, we would plea her not to carry on the anti-China activities, but she did not like to hear what we said.

If not because of the July 5 riot, the families of my uncle, my sister and myself, 15 people in total, would be traveling to Akesu for a holiday where we own an orchard. Now, we have to cancel the trip.












Rebiya Kadeer's daughter works at a school in Xinjiang Province for over 20 years, and felt terrible about the grave loss of the innocent lives and properties due to the riot.

Rebiya Kadeer's daughter:

July 5 riot is related to Mom. Despite we had nothing to do with the riot, we feel we owe an apology to the families of the victims. The leaders and colleagues at school have all been kind to me, and we are just like a big family. Many in the school know I am the daughter of Rebiya Kadeer. Initially I though they must hate me guts for that, but they don't. I have not experienced any discrimination after the riot. In fact a leader (Han) would go out of his way to call me, inquiring if I was okay. It touched me deeply.







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