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Rebiya Kadeer's Relatives Condemn Her Terrorist Act

4 August 2009

The following is the English translation of a letter originally written in Uighur script dated on 24 July 2009 by her son and daughter, and signed by her children and her brother:

We are Rebiya Kadeer's brother, son and daughter.

On July 5, a violent riot occurred in Urumqi where we live, in which nearly 200 innocent people died, hundreds of vehicles were burned, thousands people wounded and a great number of residents lost their properties and livelihoods. Many evidences show the riot was organised by the World Uighur Congress, an organisation led by our mother Rebiya Kadeer, and carried out by the local separatists.

In 2005, our mother was granted a parole to attend medical treatment in the United States. With the encouragement of the international anti-China forces, she joined the movement coordinated by Uighur separatists, religious extremists and international terrorists. When an incident of ethnic clash happened between Uighur and Han workers in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, she went online to distort the facts. In the incident, 2 Uighur workers died, but she would make up the figure of death toll to 50, and posted fake photos of the alleged Uighur victims on the Internet, which triggered Urumqi riot on July 5. Our mother Rebiya Kadeer and her World Uighur Congress are directly responsible for this violent incident, and must pay for their crimes.

On the day of July 5, about 6 hours before the riot, our mother Rebiya Kadeer called us, saying something big was going to happy. After the riot happened, we are very angry with and deeply ashamed for her. Whoever committed crimes, she must face the consequences herself. We did not participate in the incidence, we are innocent, and we are also the victims of the riot. However, as Rebiya Kadeer's children and brother, we are outraged by what she did, and want to say sorry to all the victims and their families. Now half month has passed since the riot, but your deep grievance are still felt for losing loved ones, we sincerely forward our apologize to you. In the meanwhile, we wish our Uighur brothers do not believe what our mother says. All Chinese people regardless of their ethnicity should united as one family and contribute our part to build a better Xinjiang.

(Signed by Rebiya Kadeer's son, daughter and brother)

July 24, 2009.

The Chinese translation of the original letter:







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During the WWII, many Chinese cooperated with a genocidal fascist Japan in its ambitious undertaking of terminating China as a nation, but more Chinese chose to defend China's unity, sovereignty and dignity with their lives.

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