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The Work of Celestial Artists

26 August 2009

A world map hung in the sky of Anyang (安阳), China's Henan Province (河南), a few days ago. (Source of info/photo: 安阳, 李中华 - 中新社)

A train station between two illusive sandhills emerged from nowhere over the Qinghai Lake on 18 August 2009 at about 7pm. The station then merged into the hills and the hills then amalgamated into one giant mountain. The evolution of the new world lasted for one hour before dissipated into nothingness. (Source of info/photo: 尕藏本、柴清平 - 人民网)

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The Work of A Feathered Artist

A hen in a village in China's Henan Province (河南) is so talent and recently produced a sculpture which her human master named "Dolphin". The artwork is also edible, and believes would taste just like a normal egg.

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