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The Moon Hill
A Genuine Wonder on the Land of China

14 August 2009

The Moon Hill in a magnificent mountain range in China's Guangxi Province (广西), which can be accessed through 800 stone steps from the hillfoot.

A close up view of the Moon Hill. Looming at a height of 230m, it has a "moon gate" measuring at 50m from the floor to the ceiling in the middle, looked as if a illustrious moon hung in the night sky, which typifies a very essence of Chinese culture: being reflective.

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The White Australian nuisance paper: Hi China, your Moon Hill is so much smaller than my hands, which is why you are so scared of me and have down graded the charges of your national traitors.

In sharp contrast to the traditional Chinese, some White Australians, such as The Australian, are inherently aggressive and self-obsessive, living a life in which they would constantly try to appease themselves with their own fingers ...

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