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Witchcraft of Tibetan Lamaism

31 August 2009

In Tibetan Lamaism, witchcraft is an indispensable component, without it there will be no much left in its doctrines. Most of Tibetan black magics are designed to destroy political opponents, in which demon spirits are enlisted as the main attacking force.

The following are some voodoo arts detailed in a classic Lamaist work Secret Art of Mantra Chanting to Invoke Composed Angry Spirit:

If you want to destroy your foe, you can position yourself in a mandala formation, draw his/her image on the floor while chanting the Mantra of Composed Angry Spirit. Step your left foot on the head of the portrait, and you foe will die for sure.

If you wish to make your foe suffer, you can draw his/her image with mustard seeds and liquid poison, he/she will have a terrible sensation of being burned alive.

If you like to see others to fight against each other, you can burn the feathers of certain kinds of birds.

If you desire a house to be burned down to ground, you can set rice husk on fire while visualizing Composed Angry Spirit tying up the house with rope, then spit blood in south direction. No one in that house will survive.

If you fancy a female spirit, you can light a fire on salt.

If you hope your enemies to surrender to you, you can hold Composed Angry Spirit's Eye mala, while crying out angrily and envisaging they were all captured. Thy will be done.







There might be many things lacking in the Tibetan culture, but what is abundant is demons; when you open a Lamaist holy book, you’ll be overwhelmed by all kinds of spirits and devils, as German Tibetan culture researcher Matthisa Hermanns pointed out that “the positive nature of the Buddhism has been entirely buried underneath of the Lamaism,” which makes Tibetan Lamaism could be anything but Buddhism.

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Enjoy Your Life Under Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Spirits' Leader


A Tibetan Serf under Dalai Lama's enlightened rule is trains while toiling on farmland - what a privilege to be able to quickly pay off his karmic debt to holy lamas, in particular Dalai Lama, the leader of demon spirits.

"The lamaist system tried to prevent any escape. Runaway slaves couldn't just set up free farms in the vast empty lands. Former serfs explained to revolutionary writer Anna Louise Strong that before liberation, 'You could not live in Tibet without a master. Anyone might pick you up as an outlaw unless you had a legal owner.' "

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