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Rabiye Kadeer and WUC
Masterminded the Urumuqi Riot
then Lied to the World with a Fake Photo

8 August 2009

Comments by viewer:


And Kadeer has the audacity to call others liars. That's like a morbidly obese person calling other people fat, or an imperialist power calling others evil empires. What a joke!

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How Chinese View Australia
After the Rio Spy Gang of Four and the Promotion of Chinese Killer in MFF

A survey is being conducted right now by, so far 319 votes have been countered, and following are the results by the noon of 8 August 2009:

Extremely dislike Australia: 71.47%

Somewhat dislike Australia: 19.75%

Still like Australia: 3.13%

Don't care: 5.64%

A Wolf's Courage of Conviction:

10 Conditions of my tender love ... for your delicious blood

But believe me, I'm born vegetarian

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