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How White Australians
Invoke Vampire
In Asia

12 August 2009

一堆新出土的冻土(东突)内的僵(疆)尸, 恐怖哦!

The following are the response of ordinary Chinese people to a pull conducted by Huaiqiuwang regarding the relationship between China and Australia in the wake of the island nation's Uighur terrorism promotion act:

Of 14,000 people questionsed, 87% Chinese want to see strong measures to be taken against Australia, including boycott study and tourism to Australia.


Some White Australians are shouting at the Chinese that China has no right to censor in Australia for their promotion of terrorist Rebiya Kadeer. They might be right, but they should also tell their American masters that the United States has no right to censor their promotion of bin Laden, should they?

Further, Australian FM ought to as well inform Australian media and entertaining guys, that his government will not censor their promotion of Jemaah Islamiyah. Beware, Australia is in the front firing line of the international terrorism of which East Turkistan is part.

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Chinese Show Melbourne Terrorism Supporters
What Is
True Calm after Storm

Late last week Chongqing was flooded after storm, and Chinese living there decide to take this opportunity to demonstrate to the world what means to be calm after storm.

Taking a leisure walk in a stormy weather

常在水边走,从来不湿鞋 ...

Play Taichi on this tiny island which is of course a bit smaller than Australia

僵尸, 接招!

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