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A Mythical
China Protector
from High Above

3 August 2009

西海岛中,有神,人面鸟身.—— 《大荒西经》

This stone carving block has been kept in a humble Buddhist temple named Blessing Monastery (福昌寺) in High Temple Village (高庙村), Henan Province, for centuries. The image on the block depicts a creature with a human head and a bird's body, considered as one of the mythical protectors of Chinese nation.

According to an ancient book The Vast West Wasteland (《大荒西经》): On the islands in the West Sea, there are divine beings, with a human face and a bird's body."

The temple was first established in 1080 during the Song Dynasty (宋元丰二年), and rebuilt in the year 1447 under the reign of the Ming Emperor Zhengtong's (明正统六年), with more than 50 buildings and a total built area of 10,000m2. 

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A Man and A Ball

When David's dad came to pick him up at school, he found the boy appear overjoyed.

"What's up, Son?" asked the father.

"Know what, dad, the big fella didn't bully me in the schoolyard today, and said he had no plan to bully me tomorrow," explained the boy, and showed his father a basket ball. "Look, he even gave me his ball, and said would give me more balls if I could only play the game with him and stick to his rules of game play. Hi daddy, can you keep the balls for me as souvenirs."

"Keep the balls with you and play a fair game with whoever you should wish," returned the father without taking over the ball. "Remember, Son, if you are bullied again by anyone in the playground, you must show him you are now a man with balls."

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