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Is Australia Still a Heaven for Convicts?

9 August 2009

Few days ago two white Australians, Michael James Gulliford and Christopher David Owen, pledged guilty to counts of aggravated assault against innocent Chinese riding bikes on the street. One of the Chinese victims was so badly bashed that he was rushed by ambulance to a hospital in extremely critical condition.

After the attack, two Aussie thugs walked away to a bar and toasted each other on their heroism.

What's truly fascinating about the whole drama is that one of the accused at the time was draped in Australian national flag, for the reason that he was "proud of his country" and "proud of the flag".

The attackers later did have said "sorry" to their victims, in a letter; in return they've received a very lenient sentence of only two years without parole.

But their apology seems to be quite shallow, as immediately after the court hearing, the convicted would curse aloud in front of public.

Is Australia in fact still the heaven for convicts?

Well, not too sure about that, but here are a few tips to help you collect your judgment:

1) According to, there is a loud voice in the court arguing that the violent attackers should not be jailed because they are "PROUD" Australians and have even said sorry to Chinese victims (What an honour for Chinese! Thinking Australian aborigines waited ages and ages to hear a sorry word from the descendants of the child snatchers).

2) According to most Australian media, there are many louder voices on this White settlers' land cheering for a Chinese woman who has developed a "LOVE" passion for blood of her own people, and for an Aussie mining company who extracted 700 billion yuans extra profits from China's state-owned steel companies through illegal and unethical methods of spying and bribing.

It seems there is still a long way to go for many Australians to become civilised enough to know how to respect other people's human rights and to learn how to refrain from the urge to intuitively identify themselves as accomplice to violent crimes.





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