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Tibetans' Souls Comforted and Welfare Looked After by Dalai Lama

29 August 2009


A 70-year-old Tibetan grandpa and his disabled little grandson, one of 148 families in a Tibetan region with a total of 231 households, survived by begging, under Dalai Lama's reign of happy serfdom and compassionate superstition.

Yet the old and the disabled were still hungry and homeless, with and without natural disasters; they slept on streets near Dalai Lama's magnificent fortress, yet received no comfort from his holiness, only were told by the lamas that they had no choice but to endue the consequences of their bad karmas of the sins they committed in their previous lives for not believing in Dalai Lama and his mandala stories.

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A brilliant soul seller and human skinware collector from China's Xizang Province (also known as Tibet Province):

I'm just a humble lama, please accept my shallow interpretation of karma. As a spiritual dealer, oops, leader, I come to harvest human souls; and as a human skinware collector - yep, this time I've got it right - I come to check the well-being of the skin carriers. Wow, what a wonderful green scene! Are these the ripe souls of ... sorry, ripe crops of barley? Waiting to be collected by me? You are so compassionate and I am very happy, heheheheeeeee ...

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