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Time for China
to Fight Back

27 August 2009

The biggest contribution that China can make to the mankind at the moment is to prevent the West from further enslaving the world.

The following is English translation of the excerpt of an article titled China Returns Punches Against Australia (中国出重手反击澳大利亚) by akaaaa posted on Chinese language websites:

As the biggest oar importer, China has no say over its price, it is quite bizarre. Rio Tinto case is a sign that China begins to fight back against relentless attacks by the West Powers. As for to charge the spy gang of lesser crime of commercial bribery, it is merely out of consideration for helping Australia to save its face.

But Australia jumps out and screams like a shrew, for not willing to give up the power of oar price monopoly, and for pleasing the United States. I believe it is just part of a big campaign and Australian is expected to be rewarded by its master for fighting against China on the frontline.

I think right now China should move to increase pressure on Australia by revealing the facts of commercial bribery, which will surely involve a sizable number of political elite in that country.

The Western model of economic structure is fundamentally flawed, but its profound defects were not noticed so acutely when the West had a free hand to take up the natural resources from other nations outside the Western world, including China. However, following the rapid economic development in China and India, the East begins to claim their rightful share of the resource, and the current unequal and unfair distribution system created by the West becomes a major hotspot of conflict between the developed West and the developing East.

The Western economic system is based on expansion, colonization and exploitation, which makes them look strong but internally weak. It is like a tough guy who bullies around and picks fight with everybody, sooner or later, he would get injured and even be killed.

The West, in particular the United state, needs to restructure their economic system if they ever wish to live in peace with the rest of the population in the world, but I double if they are willing to or capable of doing so before time runs out.

So Americans want to buy some time, and their strategy is to stir up trouble in their perceived enemy camps. They did it to Russia, and now they target China. The current trade disputes between China and Australia, and the Rio's contract-breaking act and spy incident are all part of this grand offensive operation.

China has its own constraints, but its strength is growing fast. The open conflicts, from the South China Sea disputes, Lhasa Riot to Uighur terrorism, all helped China to consolidate its unity and test its ability to take up challenges from the West. So far, China appears to be invincible. But be warned, according my observation on the American way of thinking and acting and responding, they are going to stir up a real big trouble for China, very soon. But also according to my observation, China is prepared, and ready to intercept a new round attack, and fight back, hard!

Excerpt of the article in original Chinese text:







从美中亚战略,目前,美走的是一步死棋,要变成活棋,必然要采取聚会交换。同时加重威胁攻击对手。 所以美要制造牌,就在中国周边制造事端,就是打乱节奏,制造机会,水混了才好摸鱼。


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