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Heroes and Thugs

10 August 2009


One Man's Hero
and his message to the people on the land of former convicts - hope those folks do understand what means to respect other human being's rights apart from their own.



Stand Forward
to defend Chinese people's human rights against terrorists and their promoters - the Australian film industry and media.


A Chinese human rights abuser with her Western protectors and supporters - birds of the same feather.


Rebiya Kadeer:
Hi, White Settlers in Melbourne, the evil sister of Tianjin, I'm standing here as your hero for having done dirty jobs for you by instigating and organising the killing of 156 innocent Chinese people with majority being the Han, I'm sure you must be very pleased with that!

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Calm before Storm


待从头、收拾旧山河, 朝天阙。

—— by Chinese National Hero Yue Fei (岳飞), Southern Song (南宋)·

Australian media and film industry today are celebrating as they found the world is "calm after storm". They just brutally insulted Chinese victims by praising their killers and believe they have already got away with their audacious actions. Well, they may don't know Chinese well. There are two well known Chinese sayings since ancient times: "逝者为大" (Nothing is more important than to respect the deceased), "君子报仇十年不晚" (Wait for a right moment with right method to avenge an assault even it will take a decade).

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