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A Bunch of Double Standard Bullies

22 August 2009

According to the Australian Federal Government, it is now a crime for Australians to associate with Somali-based al-Shabaab, a Somalian militant group which has been officially listed as a terrorist organisation.

Should now be a time for China's Hundreds Flowers or Golden Rooster film festivals to produce a documentary titled, say, Ten Conditions of Love Making and invite the head of al-Shabaab to Shanghai for festival premier and a discussion of his conditioned love making with Chinese media at a press club? And should Chinese president not only grand him a visa, but "decree" to the world that his government "will never get a permit slip from another country before deciding who should receive a visa to enter" China?

We thought Australian government and media would stick to their love affair with terrorists like Rebiya Kadeer who is still a Chinese citizen with a Chinese passport therefore has a legal obligation to abide by Chinese Laws, including the one that states "it is a crime for Chinese associate with East Turkistan, a militant group which has been officially listed as a terrorist organisation". But ... alas, they only love Chinese terrorists but not Somali ones, should Chinese feel so honoured about that?

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