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Academy Award for Best Actress:
Rebiya Kadeer
For Her Unabashed Performance
In a Comedy Based on a True Story:

A Chronic liar

12 August 2009

This is what Rebiya Kadeer said to the prison authority before her medical parole to the United States, granted by Chinese government under the pressure of the American government (What an outrageous foreign interference on China's criminal prosecution system!):

Wherever I have been, I will always be a Chinese citize n. My country is my father, my mother. The CCP is my saver. I was born and grown up in the New China, I'm ... anyway, no matter who tries to break up China, first of all, he makes himself the public enemy of the whole nation; secondly, he is the enemy of the entire humanity; and thirdly, he is the enemy of our country's stability. I know this very clearly. I'm not pretending, I'm dead sincere, 'cause, you know, according to our Islamic Law, the words spoken at night relates to one's life, so I now swear, by my life, that I will fight against anything and anyone that try to harm the unity, stability of our county and the harmony of our nation between different ethnic groups, and try to hurt you, my dear friends. This is me, and I will always be like this.

Rebiya Kadeer's original words in Chinese:


Now the question is: Is Rebiya Kadeer, a convicted criminal, at the moment a dead woman walking? On the land of former convicts? If it is not the case, and she is still very much a human, then what she was trying to prove in the first place? To prove she is a fake Muslim or the Islamic Law is fake?

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The Theme Song of the Award Comedy
"A Chronic liar"
The Lies Run the Game

Catch a flight to America, baby,
Maybe to Australia.
Wherever I have been,
Wherever I've been and gone,
Wherever I have gone,
The lies are just the same.

Send out for terrorists, baby,
Send out for gin.
Me and World Urghur Congress, mate,
Me and Eastern Turkistan, buddy,
Me and the terrorism supporters,
We're living a life of sin.

Living is a gamble, my Aussie baby,
Loving with ten conditions is so much a shame.
Wherever I have played,
Wherever I've thrown them dice,
Wherever I have played,
The lies have run the game.

Try another city, say Tokyo,
Another town, such as Melbourne.
Wherever I have been,
Wherever I've been and gone,
Wherever I have gone,
The lies just follow on down.
And down, down, down,
Down under, forever!

(Edited from The Blues Run the Game - Sorry about that, Mitchell Parish, heheee)

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