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U.S. Congress Supported
Uighur Terrorists Mass Murdered Chinese Civilians

15 July 2009

According to the latest figure released by Chinese authority, the death toll of the Chinese killed by the rioters in Xinjiang Province has risen from 156 to 184, with over 200 families registered as having members missing which prompts fear that the final death toll may double.

Of 184 dead, 137 are Han Chinese slaughtered by the Uighur terrorists

There is a sign that some of American politicians may try to drive the United States down the road to become a neo-Nazi state with a goal to achieve U.S. hegemony in the world by way of genocide. Their predecessors did it to native Indians, and now they seemingly have a even bigger aspiration: to eliminate every one in five people on the planet.

After a terrorist attack in China's Xinjiang Province instigated and commanded by the Uighur terrorists taking refuge in America, Germany and Turkey, Nancy Pelosi, the mistress of the American House, ordered Chinese government must not to bring the Uighur criminals to the justice.

Later two American congressmen - William Delahunt, a Democrat, and Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican - tabled a bill, praising the indiscriminated mass killing of Han Chinese people by Uighur terrorists as a peaceful protest and condemned the move by Chinese police to arrest the criminals as an act of ethnic crackdown.

Dana Rohrabacher, a staunch supporter of the Vietnam War and the Iraqi Invasion, further declared publicly that Chinese authority has implemented the one-child policy among Uighur population and massacred peaceful Uighur demonstrators, which he said are the measures equivalent to genocide.

However, it is known to the world that in the riot, 156 out of 184 dead are Han Chinese, killed and mutilated by violent criminals in Uighurs; further, the Han Chinese are in fact the only people in China forced to live under the one-child policy, while all other minority ethnic groups, including the Uighurs, are allowed to have more than one child, which is why Rebiya Kadeer can be the mother of 11 Uighur terrorists.

Now, if Dona Rohrabacher keeps calling the massacre of 156 Han Chinese as part of Uighurs' peaceful demonstration, and if Dona Rohrabacher refuses to stand up to condemn the one-child policy forced upon Han Chinese only, he is clearly advocating the genocide to 25 percent of world population, at least according to his definition - but which may be exactly what he and his co-drafter of the bill and their House mistress and those beyond are really hoping for and working on.

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Two Faces of
American Congressmen

William Delahunt, a Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts


Dona Rohrabacher, a Republican Congressman from California


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