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Faces Identified,
Heads Wanted

2 August 2009

Global Hunt for Rebiya Kadeer's Foot Soldiers - the Uighur Terrorists Who Mass Murdered Chinese

China's police force has posted on relevant websites a wanted list of the terrorists who committed horrendous anti-humanity crimes in the recent Uighur riot in Xinjiang Province, and vows to bring those responsible to justice at whatever the cost. The followings are some of the faces shown on the wanted list.

The face shown down under belongs to a convicted Chinese criminal. The escapee has reportedly just left a nation with convicted war crimes and is about to flee to the land of former convicts.






According to the reports from various sources, just within two days after the riot in Urumqi, up to 200 Uighur terrorists were quickly apprehended, many with the help of the local Uighur people.

"After the initial couple of days kept in silence, when I went to make investigations in the Uighur community, people would quietly pull me into their homes to report the suspects," said an Urumqi policeman. "The majority of the Uighur people are so disgust of the violet riot in their name and the brutal murderers among their communities."

A police chief described in details to the media how a tearful elderly Uighur man approached his station and asked to speak to him in person. "Every night, when I closed my eyes, I would see my neighbour standing before me with blood everywhere in his body," the Uighur grandpa told the chief when providing the vital clues for police to identify the killers who slew his Han neighbour.

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A Man and A Ball





China's Anti-Terrorist Special Forces
Are Ready for
Rebiya Kadeer, Dalai Lama and Those Behind

(Sources of info/photos: 廖福安, 陈飞, 刘泉龙 -

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