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A Terrorist Attack in China

7 July 2009

Kids killed

Elderly killed

Women killed

Men killed

The bodies of innocent Han Chinese lie in the streets.

Over a thousand people were killed or injured in the massacre instigated by U.S. backed Rebiya Kadeer, the head of the Uighur terrorist organisation.

The Online Comments Left by Chinese


In the recent ten years, many Nobel Peace Prize nominees and Laureates are in fact human rights abusers and mass murderers. The Nobel Peace Prize is the most repugnant!!!



George Bush praised Rebiya Kadeer as a champion for China's 10 million Uighurs and a human rights defender, which tells all. America is the head of the international terrorist organisations.

布什"赞扬热比娅是维吾尔族最优秀的代表", 说明以美国为首的国际恐怖组织就是美国.


All those thugs trying to break up China are trained and supported by the United States, and all are nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Do our leaders still believe we can co-exist with Americans peacefully without a fundamental change of their mentality and policy?

凡是搞分裂中国的人都受过美国的熏陶,都能得到诺贝尔和平奖. 高层领导还对美国抱有任何幻想吗?


We should go to American Embassy demanding them to extradite Rebiya Kadeer.

去美国大使管抗议, 让他交出热那亚.


Those people (Uighur terrorists) have committed crimes against humanity and are mass murderers - they ought to be punished as such. If our government still refuse to get tough with these criminals for fear to be condemned by some sinister nations, we might see the beginning of the chaotic era for China, believe me. Look Americans, they can just invade other country and put the head of other nation to death, in the end they don't have and don't even need to have any justifications for their actions ....

这些人犯的是反人类罪,谋杀罪,如果在这件事情上还怕国外那些居心叵测的国家来指责我们的话,那中国就开始乱了。美国打了人家(伊拉克),还把人家的家长捉到自已家里给弄死,到最后也没有正当的理由来解释 ..........


If Chinese authority does not take big action against those terrorist organisations, the next incident could even be bloodier. Look those killers in the Lhasa riot, none of them have received capital punishment. Wonder what kind of soft approach they are going to adopt this time.

政府再不考虑斩首行动,下一次事件将更加恶劣。 看看西藏那些杀人者没被判死刑,这次不知道还会纵容多少人


It's time to forget about dialogue and get down to business! We want to see a serious crackdown on terrorists (be they Tibetans or Uighurs), otherwise we ordinary people won't feel safe in our own home.

如果永远都是谈判,那么不久的将来会出现更大的事件,如果当局不敢去镇压这些行为,那么,这样的事件会继续繁衍下去,以后更加难收场,永远失去民心和政府信任 -- 因为我们已经没有安全感了

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A Pair of Terrorist Heads

O, blood, how exiting!!!

After the violent riot in Tibet last year, Rebiya Kadeer declared publicly that something similar should happen in Xinjiang. And the bloody carnage a couple of days ago indeed looks so much like a copycat of the Lhasa riot.

According to some anti-terrorist experts, the riot was by no means incidental and spontaneous but a well organized event, with the attacks occurred in several locations simultaneously and civilians being targeted indiscriminately.

Remember these faces appeared on the Uighur Conference meeting

Rebiya Kadeer, the head of the World Uighur Congress and the Uighur American Association, is accused of masterminding the violent riots. The accusation was denied by Kadeer as this reckless criminal convicted on corruption charges is trying to position herself for a nobel PEACE prize.

She may indeed do not have a mind of a master, but her organisation did have instigated the violent ethnic clash on the cyber space recently, urging Uighurs to be more brave (要勇敢一点).

Xinjiang police also reportedly have obtained records on the telephone conversations between Kadeer in overseas and her brother in Urumqi prior to the riot. On the phone, she told her brother: "Something big will have to happen in Urumqi (要出点大事)."

The violence and death did have happened - she must be a very happy woman now.

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