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The Uighur Terrorist Centre in Germany

12 July 2009

It is revealed that Germany's Munich is the basis of Uighur terrorist organisations and the commander centre for the recent Uighur riot in China's Xinjiang Province.

According to various reports, currently there are about 50 to 60 violent Uighur separatist organisations congregated in Turkey (a country seems to have harboured an ambition to expand its geographic scope of coverage into the territories of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the west region of China while begs the West to include it as a part of the White Christian Europe), America and Australia, with Munich in Germany servers as the political heart where the headquarters of the World Uighur Congress and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement situated.

It is not by accident that Germany has become the basis of the anti-China movements. A nation used to be viewed by the Romans as uncivilized barbarians and has a shorter history as an united state comparing to its neighbours, the collective psyche of Germany is quite hostile towards the world and extremely racist regarding the people with non-Aryans background, as it tries hard to prove its racial superiority to overcome the lingering feeling of inferiority. This is a nation seemingly always needs a target to lash out against in order to vent its hatred caused by past humiliations - they picked up Jews, and now their turned on Chinese.

Some Uighur terrorists reportedly confessed that as many as 176 Suicide Commando Squad members were sent to China from Germany, Turkey and Afghanistan and organised the deadly riot in Urumqi on 5 July 2009. The preparation and training for the riot began a half year ago; they waited patiently for a right moment to strike and eventually saw opportunities when an ethnic clash occurred in Guangdong .

As early as 1992, the East Turkestan started to send members for training in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Cashmire, and both Russian and U.S. armies have captured ETs during their anti-terrorist operations. It is said that in Taliban there was a so-called China Battalion formed by 320 ET members from Xinjiang Province. Today about two dozens of Uighur terrorists organisations are calling Turkey home, of which three are devoted to training terrorists, organising armed forces and smuggling weapons into China.

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Identity Theft?

Germany: Don't you think China looks like a delicious charcoal-roasted rooster? Hummm ... yummmy ....

Turkey: Nay, it looks like a turkey, a turkey in east, an east turkey, which means the part of me.

Germany: Then look at my shape, I must be a white turkey, a purer turkey than you. Yep, I am.

Turkey: Never mind Sir, I don't really wanna be a turkey - I wanna be a German gentleman, a member of the white European community. Please accept me, 跪求啦!

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