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Stone Eggs

17 July 2009

If you think this round stone on a rocky section of a largely verdant hill in China's Guizhou Province looks like an egg about to be laid by the mountain, you are dead right, because this IS a stone egg bred by the Mother Nature.

According to the observations of the people living in a village called Guruzai (姑鲁寨) that has been established next to the hill for a thousand years, the hill lies a stone egg in every 30 yeas. One of the evidences is that each family in the village has at least one egg in household collection. But since 1999, the hill enters a high production period with 5 eggs produced in March 1999, May 2003, June 2005, March 2007 and January this year.

Now less then half a year from the latest stone birth, the hill is heavily pregnant again and about to give a birth to a new stone baby soon.

Maybe the Mother Nature feels that it is unfair for China to rely on other countries for natural resources and to endure some unscrupulous international corporations' price extortion and industry espionage, so it's decided to work overtime to increase its productivity.

(Source of info/photo: 杨杰-金黔在线)

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Too Tough to Swallow?

A Feast Made from Stones in China

A plate of cold ham and hard cheese

A banquet of stones

All these stones were naturally formed and discovered by Chinese stone collectors.

Chinese: Hi, Rio Corp. do yo see that, we have stones too. And edible stones. What, they are too tough to swallow? Come on, what do you expect from a free lunch. Tell you what, take it or leave it!

(Source of photos: IAMBUG - 发展论坛)

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