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One Condition of Darkness

28 July 2009

When the moon launched a terrorist attack against the sun on the morning of 22 July 2009, the lady of night switched off the celestial lamp and thought she could get away with her crimes. But how wrong she had been. Not only millions of Chinese people provided the photo evidences of the crime scene, a Chinese hen also recorded the event on the egg she laid hours later.

The hen is reported to be a Tianjin native living in Tanggu District (天津塘沽区) with a human family surnamed Chen. According to Mr Chen, Lady Hen had laid over a hundred eggs previously, all with a humble plain look; this was the first time she displayed her artistic talent.

Allegedly Her Ladyship is considering to contact the organisers of the AFF to see if she can present her work on the premiere 09. She's already got the title for her one-second-long documentary:

One Condition of Darkness - When the Terrorist Launched an Attack.

(Source of photo/info: 星岛环球网)

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