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When the Sun Was Lurking
The Portraits of a Celestial 007 in China

23 July 2009

Terrace of Yellow Crane, Hubei Province

Wuhan, Hubei Province

Liangyungang, Jiangsu Province

Jinhua, Zhejiang Province

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Guangdong, Guangzhou Province

Enshi, Hubei Province


Hunan Province

Three Goddess Gorges

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Shanghai During Total Solar Eclipse

In the morning of 22 July 2009 between 8- 9am, the sky is still thick with clouds, the sun decides to leave for early morning tea break.

The streets grow dark

Darkness Rules

But people find a way to resume their lives - man-made lights everywhere.

(Photos: 看看侃侃 -

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