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An UK Blog's Observation
After Viewing Rebiya Kadeer's TV Interview

12 July 2009

I just finished watching an interview with Ms Rebiya Kadeer and found a few interesting facts:

1. She had 6 children, which confirms that Uighurs were not subject to China’s One Child Policy

2. She was born to a family with no background. She started her business with a road side convenient store and worked her way to be THE richest person in the province of Xinjiang. This proved Uighurs can earn their business success through hard work.

3. She was a senior member of the People’s Congress of Xinjiang, and a senior member of the National People’s Congress of China. This shows Uighurs were not excluded from political life in China.

4. She was arrested because she provided funding to Eastern Turkestan and carried out activities in China following instructions from Eastern Turkestan. Eastern Turkestan is labeled as terrorist organization by most countries including the US , Russia, China, etc.
她被捕是因为资助东突并接受东突的指令在中国组织动乱,而东突不但在中国而且在世界上绝大部分国家包括美国和俄国都被列为恐怖组织。 100002509/urumqi-riots-signal-dark-days-ahead/

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