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A Han Family Destroyed
by Rebiya and Her Men

16 July 2009

Until 7 May, there was a food store on the Middle Bay Street (中湾街) in Urumqi running by Mr Zhang, a Han Chinese. Mr Zhang happily lived with his mother, his wife, his son and a young relative in the back of the shop, while his old brother managing another store in the town. On the afternoon of 7 May, his brother received a call from Mr Zhang, and was urged to close the store and flee with his family. That night at 10:42pm, his brother's cell phone rang again and he heard Mr Zhang spoke on the other end of the line in a hushed, low voice, "Hi, hi, speak, speak ...." Then the mobile disconnected abruptly.

Next morning, his brother rushed to the Middle Bay Street only to find a ruin site where Mr Zhang's store used to stand and the family of five once lived.

In the wreckage, his brother dug out four charred bodies, including his 84-year old mother and 13-year old nephew. All of them had their heads and limps chopped off - a trademark execution style of Al-Qaeda.

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No Use to Pretend Innocence,
You Are Seen on Someone's Shoulders

Judge: Hi baby, you wet somebody's back!

Baby: Damn it! What's under my bottom has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with my seat. Understand? Blast!

Judge: Call witness!

Al-Qaeda: Yes, Your Honour.

Judge: Did you see him pee?

Al-Qaeda: Yes, I did, in Urumqi. In fact without my help he wouldn't be able to pee, which is why I am so angry with those who try to clear up the mass he created.

Judge: Who were your accomplice in this deceitful undertaking?

Al-Qaeda: The American Congress, Germany and Turkey, Your Honour. Americans provided money, Germans offered shelter, Turks lent loudspeaker and I did dirty works on spot.

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