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10 July 2009

ya Kadeer: Look this picture, my people (i.e. the terrorists and criminals among Uighurs like herself and her sons) were seized by the police, how on earth we could supposedly kill anyone?

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The picture is about an early incident not occurred in the northwest of China, but in the southeast of the nation, namely Shishou.

Terrorist supporters in the West: Look this photo, we Uighurs were killed by the police.

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The photo shows a traffic accident scene in another city.

A few days ago, Rebiya Kadeer the mother of Uighur terrorists went public to openly deny, once again, that she had masterminded the riot in China, because she does not have a mind of master. She's right. She is indeed nothing but a poor copycat of Dalai Lama who once used a drama photo to accuse the PLA of pretending to be Tibetan lamas [Phew! 吐!!!]

The big truth is the U.S. supported terrorists and violent criminals among the Uighurs killed and injuries over a thousand Han Chinese as the local authority and the police were initially tied up with China's ridiculous ethnic policies that grand the ethnic minority groups various privileges at the expense of the main body of Chinese people, the Han, who are the chief creators of the Chinese civilization thus the prime targets of the Western crusaders. The case to the point is Rebiya Kadeer is the mother of 11 terrorists. How could she do that without being penalised under China's one-child policy? Well, all because she has such a privilege with her minority ethnic background.

Some family members of the local Uighur terrorists and criminals told the visiting Western media that they are treated differently because China has two sets of laws. That is right! Therefore it is time to apply the same law to all people in China, and to end the discrimination against Han people in child birth, high education and job promotion.

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