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China Urged
to Follow the Lead of the United States

18 July 2009

It is reported that on Thursday without a jury, a Santa Ana district judge in California convicted a Chinese-born engineer formerly employed by American Boeing Corp. of economic espionage for China. According to the prosecutor, the engineer could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

It is rumoured that when China heard the news, it was so petrified to the point of wetting its pants and immediately sent the following message to Australia as urged by its strong opinioned Netizens that hit 338 million by the end of June 2009:

Hi mate, I thought you were disgust of America's bullying around the world through its economic spying, political lying, covered stealing and armed robbing. I didn't realise you are America's page boy and under its protection. Why didn't you say so earlier? Know what, I was going to let the Gang of Rio Four, the Chinese born CEOs currently employed by Australian Tinto, off the charge of industry espionage for Australia, but now ... you know, although I'm scared of your loud voice, and fearful of a possible scenario in which I might be spied on by the entire world ("the world is watching you", did you say that? Indeed, and I understand that we are all watched, not just by the people on earth, but beyond, much beyond - 人在做,天在看), however, I'm terrified of your big brother's tough arm even more, so I'm afraid I'll have to follow his dignified lead to convict the Gang of Four guilty of the espionage crimes and seek to lock them up behind the bars in China for life. Hope you're satisfied with this solution. Have a nice weekend.

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