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China's Youngest Angry Youth

29 July 2009

China needs "angry youth" to help the ancient nation to keep its spine straight. A few days ago the youngest angry youth was identifies in China. When seeing a naive lamb was about to be tricked by wolf's empty sweet words and victimized by that greedy predator in a cartoon television program, a 2.5-year old boy pounced at the TV screen heroically and stroke the wolf with the sharp corner of his heart-shaped plastic toy. The wolf was injured, apparently, as the LCD screen cracked.

The cost of his heroism? Our young warrior's mom has to spend 3,000 yuans to fix the television.

Moral of this true story?

1) Be brave, stand up to the wolf!

2) There is something more important to a man (no matter how young he is) than money.

(Source of info: 钱先峰;陶思佳 - 青年报)

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This may look like a well crafted article with China's late leader Chairman Mao's profile, but in fact it is just a stone (agate) recently discovered in Yellow Mountain, Anhui Province, by Chinese Mao relic collector Huang Xiuming (胡秀明), and the great craftswoman is no other but Mother Nature. But, wait, according to Buddhist and Daoist point of view, our Mother Nature is not just a mechanical collection of wind, fire, water or earth (according to one category) or metal, wood, water, fire and earth (according to another category; both are valid), but a conscious being, or a group of beings, so ... ...


(Source of info/photo: 中红网)

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