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A Kebab Stall Owner's Story

21 July 2009

The young man in white shirt is an ethnic Uighur Chinese named Aikener (艾肯尔). Aikener migrated to Urumqi, in China's Xinjiang Province, about a year ago from an Uighur dominated region Akesu (阿克苏) and ran a kebab stall next to a restaurant owned by a Han Chinese woman whom he addressed as Big Sister Wang.

On the day of 5 July, Aikener kept receiving text messages and phone called from Rebiya's World Uighur Congress, and was repeatedly urged to join a congregation to kill Han Chinese in the town, for which, as he was promised, he would receive 100 yuans as reward.

Aikener did not go and thought he would be left alone without trouble. But he was wrong. Two days after the terrorist rampage, for his decline to be part of the riot, a gang of Uighur mobs smashed his stall. For days, Aikener and his family dared not to venture out of their home.

During that difficult period, Big Sister Wang, along with her husband and staff members in the restaurant that was also damaged, kept delivering food to Aikener family and eventually helped him to restore his kebab business.

On the day of returning to work at his stall, Aikener sent kebabs and pies to the military police guarding the area nearby to thank them for keeping the street save from Rebiya's men.

(Source of info/photo: 王南 - 人民日报)

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