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A Beijing Taxi Driver's Story

1 July 2009

The following is the English translation of an online post penned by Chinese Netizen Liu Ruichang (刘瑞常):

Yesterday I called a cab and during the ride the driver in his 50s told me his recent encounter with an American studying in Beijing.

A few days ago, the driver picked up a passenger at Wudaokou (五道口) near all those big universities, including Tsinghua University (清华大学) and Beijing Language and Culture University (语言大学). He was an American but could speak fluent Chinese.

The American climbed into the cab and sat next to the driver. When he found a tiny statue of Chairman Mao, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, and a ID plate from the driver's work unit specifying him as a CCP member, he became quite upset and yelled at the driver angrily: "Take away these things."

"Why?" asked the taxi driver.

"Communist Party is bad, Chairman Mao is bad!" the American exploded.

That outraged the taxi driver. "You are not in the position to comment them here! Get off my car! Get lost!"

The American had no choice but to leave the cab.

When I heard his story, I beat my palms aloud. "Well said! My word! You gave the American a good lesson!"

The driver replied, "I joined the PLA at 18 and became a Party member at 21. I love the CCP and love Chairman Mao. I can't stand to hear those American devils to insult them."

Beijing taxi drivers are renowned for being seasoned political commentators. There was no exception with this taxi driver. "All parties in the world have their faults in one way or other, and all great men have their flaws. So do the CCP and Chairman Mao." he continued. "But comparing to what they have accomplished for China, their mistakes are minor issues."

By the time the driver concluded his grand speech, the cab reached my destination, and I got off the vehicle.

But his words cause me to ponder. Just what makes the way of thinking between Chinese and the Westerners so world apart? Aren't Americans loving to talk about democracy, human rights and freedom? But why they can't live with seeing other people to present the image of their own national leader and their party membership card, and why they want to dictate other people's faith? To me it shows how hypocritical they are about their new found religion: American-style democracy and freedom; and proves their new religion is nothing more than mere an excuse for them to meddle in other people's affairs, to invade other sovereign states, to install puppet regimes, and to place other nations under their control.

China used to be partially-invaded and semi-colonised by America and other Western Powers, but now we are an independent people, and no longer willing to put up with their nuisance. As you can see, today even a taxi driver has guts to say NO, and say it aloud, to Americans. He is a real Chinese with spine.

The original text of the article by 刘瑞常:














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Chairman Mao

Nowadays, everything related with Chairman Mao, the founding father of Chinese Communist Party and the People's Republic of China, are popular, in particular among China's internet-wise young generation. This oil painting titled Chairman Mao, produced in 1966 by Chinese artist 尚谊创, was recently auctioned for over 20 million yuans. It is the largest portrait of Chairman Mao ever existed.

(Source of info: 红网)

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