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The Noble Act
of Chinese Film Directors

27 July 2009


Three Chinese film directors who withdrew their films from the AFF are now viewed as national heroes who take a stand for fundamental human rights of Chinese people by refusing to dace on the greaves of Uighur riot victims.

According to the latest survey by (环球网), of more than 3,000 people asked if they support the boycott of the AFF by Chinese directors, 93% replied yes.

"I didn't realise Australia would be a country like this," said one respondent. "It's very disappointing."

An earlier research, jointly conducted by International Herald and shortly after the arrest of the Gang of Rio Four, found nearly 83 percent of people questioned regard Australia as an unfriendly country towards China.

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Please Don't Tell Me
How to Run the World

That's Our Family Business

An Australian fuming director's response over a spam call:

Chinese government is so arrogant that it reckons it has a right to determine which Chinese must be prosecuted and which Chinese need to be protected - but that is my job, right? Only white Australians like me are capable of telling which Chinese are terrorists, spies and which Chinese deserve to be killed at their homes and shops and in streets. We have a self-granted license to do so, and this is in fact our long-running family business: my ancestors were the ones to decide which land should be taken and which children ought to be stolen. But, the Chinese government would forward me an unsolicited call and tried to tell me how to do my job. That's outrageous! I'm not going to be bullied by a foreign power, so I hang up the phone.

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