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Why None of the "Student Leaders" Died in the "Tiananmen Massacre"? (4)

10 June 2009

As all student leaders including Chai Lin (柴玲) and Wang Dan (王丹) deserted their followers who were tricked into staying in the square to cover their tracks, a rock star from Taiwan stood out to urge the students not to defy the law-enforcement authority as the student leaders repeated advocated previously. Although a few extremists still called on a violent confrontation, the vast majority of students chose to follow rock star's advice. By the time the troops entered the premises, all sat down on the ground quietly.

When the soldiers seized us, I was scared to death. Then I heard a voice shouting out his order and discerned the sound of the soldiers raising their machine guns, which was followed by ear-deafening gun shots. I promptly lied on my stomach and cried inwardly: "Please don't shoot me!"

After the square quieted down again, I realised I was still alive. Looking around, I found no one near me was killed either. When I spotted the soldiers in the front line ginning at us, I knew they had no intention to hurt us but just tried to scare us into submission. At that time I had only one thought: go home!

Shortly after, a loudspeaker ordered the student leaders to stand out, and repeatedly called the names of Chai Lin (柴玲), Wang Dan (王丹) and others, but none of them showed up. Finally it was the rock star who walked towards the vehicle of the military commander. After another while, the loudspeaker sounded again, asking all the students to leave the square from the southeast direction.

In the beginning, the withdrawal went rather orderly, but quickly the procession descended into chaos as everyone tried to get out of the square as soon as possible. The huge crowd pushed and shoved each other, and many lost their shoes but dared not to bend over to search in fear of being stepped to death by crowd surging from behind.

Such was the last scene of the so-called Tiananmen Movement.

You may wonder if anyone was killed by the troops in the square. Well, according to the rock star from Taiwan, there was none; and according to the students at the time in the premises, like me, there was none. However, as the troops somehow used expending bullets, and when they fired shots into the sky, some bullets hit the Monument of People's Heroes, and then bounced back and injured some students around. One of them had his leg wounded and become crippled for life.

Chai Lin made a bold claim in America that the blood in the square flew like streams on June 4th. That is incredible! You'd run away from the premises long before that crucial moment, how did you know that? You and your team along with the Hong Kong Alliance had crafted a delicate death-trap, pity we did not jump into it. You refused to let us leave the square, and urged the students to use their bodies to block the advance of the armoured vehicles while you secretly fled the scene. Had not because of your instigation, there would be no road blockages installed, and no violent clashes between the civilians and troops. Do you really think your life is much more valuable than that of thousands of innocent students?

Those who died on June 4th 1989 might think they were fighting against the official corruption and for "democracy", but actually driven to death by Chai Lin, her team and the Hong Kong Alliance. Sooner or later these people will need to pay for the crimes they committed to the Chinese who died in the incident, and to the nation they betrayed. Such a day will come!!!

候德建就这样当上了天安门广场学生运动最后的临时总指挥。候德建说, 现在天安门已经被包围了,逃是无法逃了。我提三点建议:1, 大家不要走动,统统坐下; 2, 大家不要讲话,更不能喊口号; 3, 大家千万不要向士兵扔东西。虽然有人说这是投降,但是候德建的三不主义还是为天安门广场的多数学生所接受。天安门广场上的学生运动最终恢复了理性。等戒严部队开进天安门广场,只见上千学生黑压压一片坐在地上(往往几百人一片),没有一点走动,也没有一点声音。

当士兵拿了冲锋枪把我们包围时,我怕死了。后来我听到预备的命令。我面前的士兵都把枪举了起来。接下来就听到震耳欲聋的枪声。我就马上趴在地上, 心里直叫换“不要打我!不要打我!"

等枪声停了下来,我知道我还活着。看看旁边的女学生,后面的男生们也个个活着。 再看看前面的戒严士兵,有几个竞然咧着嘴笑。我这才知道戒严部队是开枪吓我们的。我心里只有一个念头:回家去!

过了一会儿,戒严指挥车的喇叭叫高自联的头头走出来,连续叫了几个人的名字,包括柴玲王丹刘刚等人。没有人走出来。再过了一会儿,有一个人向戒严指挥车走去,一边走,一边叫:“我是候德建!” 再过了一会儿,戒严车喇叭又叫了:“凡是能走动的学生排好队,从东南方向撤出天安门广场。"





六四死亡的学生与市民是要反贪污,要反官倒,要民主的, 但是他们被愚弄了,被欺骗了,被诱进了一个死亡的陷井。柴玲,吾尔开希,李录,港支联,你们有什么资格纪念六四十五周年?你们的手上就有六四死亡的学生与市民的血。你们将被永远钉上历史的耻辱碑。你们的账迟早要算的!

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