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Why None of the "Student Leaders" Died in the "Tiananmen Massacre"? (2)

6 June 2009

After martial law was declared, there was a debate among the students, and eventually a decision to end the hunger strike and leave the premises was made. But the decision and the other similar pleas were all rejected by Chai Lin and her supporters in the leadership. Was she determined to die a martyr or she had lost her sanity that made her gamble with the lives of the thousands of students?

The following is the part of the conversation during an interview with Chai Lin by American television news shortly after the martial law was declared, and the whole interview was aired on June 7, 1989:

The U.S. journalist: Do you understand what kind of risk you are facing by keeping staying on the Tiananmen Square?

Chai Lin: Yes, we understand we're facing a big risk; and I feel sad that the young students may have to die for the course. (Sobbing and weeping)

The U.S. journalist: Are you ready to die then?

China Lin: (Weeping and sobbing) No! (Sobbing more and weeping again) I want to live, I'm still young.

This conversation shows clearly Chai Lin and her team knew it all along that their reckless action was going to lead to a scenario in which the event would end up in bloodshed.

On June 1st and 2nd, the "leadership" began to arrange student groups to act as human blockages at various intersections to prevent military troops from entering the square to enforce the martial law. At a secret meeting held on the midnight of June 2nd, a student leader proclaimed: "According to credible information we received, the troop will enter the square to enforce the curfew, and there will be blood shed and lives lost. The movement had failed, and now what we need is not a reform but a revolution. We have to bring down the current government and the whole institutional system in China." They then distributed donated cashes among themselves and discussed the details of a pre-arranged escape path. One of the student leaders felt bad about that and suggested they should advise the ordinary students to leave the square as well. His suggestion was harshly turned down by the team: No way, if everyone has left the square, we won't be able to go without being noticed. Chai Lin further added: "Only by saving us the democracy movement in China can be saved."

At 3am of June 3rd when thousands of students on hunger strike were fast asleep in their tents, Chai Lin and other student leaders sneaked out of the square and then out of China, under the direct assistance of Hong Kong Alliance and CIA, heading for the land of the United States, and then lied (and are still lying) to the world that thousands of students died in the square. It is their great hope anyway. The more students died, the stronger condemnations Chinese government would receive, and the better position they could gain for themselves in the West.

The excerpt of the original text in Chinese:


美国记者问:现在已经戒严了,你们继续留在天安门广场上有没有危险呢?柴玲答:是的。我们有很大的危险。我很难过,我们的这些年青的学生们可能会为这场运动流血死去。说到这里。柴玲居然哭了起来。美国记者又问:那么你想不想死呢?柴玲一边哭一边答:不!我要话,我还很年轻。这段对话说明了两个事实:1, 在万里发表了支持戒严法的声明后,高自联的头头柴玲,吾尔开希,李录清清楚楚知道继续留在天安门广场上学生们可能会流血死去。 2, 柴玲不想死的。看来吾尔开希,李录也是不想死的。

6月1日和2日,柴玲,吾尔开希,李录等64头头对如何阻止戒严部队进入天安门广场作了严密布置, 还指定专人负责把守一些街口。89年6月2日深晚到3日凌晨,北京高自联开了最后的常委会。会上由吾尔开希重点发言。吾尔开希对大家说:"根据可靠情报,明天戒严部队要进行武装清场,一定会流血死人的。”吾尔开希又说:“这次运动已经失败。看来我们需要的不是一场改革,我们需要的是一场革命,一场体制外的革命。我们今后所要作的是打倒共产党的体制。”柴玲,李录也作了慷慨的发言。

李禄接下来宣布高自联指挥部成员立即撤出天安门广场, 再一次发了逃命钱。逃亡的方向是美国。吾尔开希对逃亡路径及联络方法作了细述: 先南下广州,然后由港支联接应。于是在6月3日凌晨三点左右,柴玲和大部分高自联指挥部成员乘着天安门上的学生正在睡梦之时,偷偷地撤离广场,走上逃亡美国的不归路。一个姓郭的头头在临跑前,突然良心发现。他说:“学生都没撤,我们指挥部提前撤对吗?是不是可以叫学生们也一起撤?”李禄说:“不行!叫学生们也一起撤我们就撤不了。”柴玲说:“我们提前撤是为了保护火种。”于是这最后的良心也被狗吃了。这时港支联的阴谋就完全清楚了: 先由柴玲,吾尔开希,李录等人用豪言壮语把上千的学生骗在天安门广场,然后在武装清场之前,柴玲,吾尔开希,李录等人再来个金蝉脱壳之计,逃之夭夭,使上千的学生陷入生死的困境。他们已经宣誓要打倒共产党, 所以广场上学生死得越多,对共产党的打击越大,他们逃亡美国的本钱业越多。

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A statue of classic Chinese lady in traditional Chinese custom: graceful, compassionate and serene

(Source of Photo:我不是曦霞,

A crude copy of America's lady of liberty: aggressive, condescending and smug, looming large at the heart of China's central square in 1989, challenging and mocking and reoccurring China's national heroes. Please note the American national flags in the photo carried by some naive while pathetic students with their leaders directly coached on-site by CIA

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